Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Moon and Madness

The Moon and Madness
25 October 2012 8pm-10.30pm (inc. Q&A)
£3 / £2 concessions

Been looking up all night
been looking up the Moon
she's so bright
 Lunacy, the legendary notion of minds unhinged by the moon, still captivates the popular imagination. Although it violates the assumptions of modern science and psychiatry, the belief remains common among mental health workers – and several studies have found a small, unexplained correlation between behaviour and the lunar cycle.

Dr Niall McCrae, lecturer in mental health at King’s College, London, presents an historical account of the lunacy concept and discusses research issues.

We start every meeting with our Fortmanteu, our onthly round up of fortean news stories.

We meet the last Thursday of each month (usually) upstairs at The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EX.

Tubes: Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Aldgate East.

London Ghosts Conference

'Ghost Lucy' of Bishopsgate Institute
found by Sarah Sparkes 
Do you fancy a day of London Ghosts? Hearing talks on haunted hospitals, Spring-heeled Jack, London vampires and the ghosts of Senate House and lots more? Fancy breaking that up with songs about London ghosts and a short film or two? They we might have a day for you.

Not long to go until our London Ghosts Conference at Bishopsgate Institute on 27 October 2012. If you've not heard of it yet we've a dedicated page with full details and a booking pages for the conference at We Got Tickets and EventBrite. There's no Fortean Times UnConvention this year so we thought it was the ideal time to take a good look at London ghosts.

Speakers include Roger Luckhurst, Mark Pilkington, Mike Dash, Alan Murdie and John Frasier of the Ghost Club,  John Constable of Crossbones Graveyard, Rob Stephenson, Paul Cowdell and many more.

We've even found our own ghost, the ghost of Bishopsgate Insititute, which comes to us via the multi-talented Senate House ghost expert, speaker and artist Sarah Sparkes. We call our ghost 'Ghost Lucy'.

Check the London Ghost Conference page for full details and we hope to see you there for a fine start to London's Halloween fund.