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Tuesday 27 June 2023 Why Mystery Matters     There are mysteries we don’t understand, mysteries created to entertain us and life-problems we struggle with, that remain mysterious. Few people take the time to stop and think of the value of mystery, as a thing in itself. Lifelong fortean and author Neil Nixon takes us on a tour of all things mysterious revealing a rich and varied subject offering powers we can all use and a history that is by turns insightful, frightening, and hilarious. From UFOs to stand-up comedy and from the history of religion to a psychological condition where sufferers experience themselves as being dead, this is a unique view based on a lifetime’s obsession. Neil’s new book Why Mystery Matters will be available on the night.   Venue: The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street E1 7EX Date: Tuesday 27 June 2023 Time: 8pm (doors open 7.30pm) Tickets: £5/£3