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  Tuesday 1 August 2023 Lucky For Some: Gypsies and the Supernatural Jeremy Harte   *** CHANGE OF DATE *** Because of the Tube strike we can't meet on our planned date, Tuesday 25th July. Instead, both our speaker Jeremy Harte and the manager at the Bell have kindly agreed that we can move to the following week TUESDAY 1 AUGUST NOTE: there will be Aslef action on the trains on the new date, but most trains will still be running -- and most important, the Tube will be running normally. So book your tickets to hear brilliant folklorist Jeremy Harte speak on "Lucky For Some: Gypsies and the Supernatural". Let's have a great turnout! Posted b   Some peoples achieve magical status, some have it thrust upon them: the Gypsies have done both. Arriving in Europe as an unprotected minority, the Romany turned their alien status into an art (prophecy is the trade that needs no tools) and an armour (who would mess with a people with such occult powers?). Fortune-telling was a s