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Twins – Superstitions and Marvels, Fantasies and Experiments

In partnership with Conway Hall. Thursday 23 June 2021 7.30pm (BST) Please register for this event at the following booking link: Book Now.   At present this event is online only.  Conway Hall is a charity and we politely ask you to add a donation of at least £5 when registering.  Facebook event page .  Human twins have many meanings and different histories. They have been seen as gods and monsters, signs of danger, death and sexual deviance. They are taken as objects of wonder and violent repression, the subjects of scientific experiment. Now millions are born through fertility technologies. Their history is often buried in philosophies and medical theories, religious and scientific practices, and countless stories of devotion and tragedy. In this history of superstitions and marvels, fantasies and experiments William Viney – himself a twin – shows how the use and abuse of twins has helped to shape the world in which we live. His book Twins (Reaktion 2021) has been written for twins