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A Skeptic’s Guide to Aliens

7.45pm Wednesday 29 January 2020 £4 / £2 Concessions ( Advance tickets ) The Bell , 50 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EX Train and Tube: Liverpool Street. Tube: Aldgate, Aldgate East Facebook Page Are aliens really visiting our planet on a regular basis? Are people really being abducted by aliens and subjected to bizarre medical investigations? Even worse, are the aliens engaged upon a sinister cross-breeding project to produce human-alien hybrids? Chris French , Professor of Anomalistic Psychology at Goldsmiths College, will explore psychological aspects of various types of alien contact claims, ranging from simple sightings of unidentified flying objects to alien abduction experiences. Along the way, he’ll review the history of UFOs within society and discuss the risks inherent in the “memory recovery” techniques employed by some ufologists.  Chris will argue that all claims of alien contact can be plausibly accounted for in terms of known psychological phenomena such