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John Schorn: the Rector Who Conjured the Devil Into A Boot

This is t he story of one of England’s “folk saints” to whom many miracles were attributed. In the 14th century his shrine became the third most popular after Canterbury and Walsingham yet, mysteriously, he remained uncanonised. “ Master”, “Maister” or “Sir” John Schorn(e), Rector of North Marston, Buck s , was reputed to have miraculous powers of healing sickness. He is said to have struck the ground with his staff and a spring gushed forth; t he water was excellent for curing the “ague” (malaria) and gout. Medieval drawings and wall paintings show him carrying a boot containing a small devil which he made appear and disappear as symbol of his power – supposedly the origin of Jack-in-the-Box. Following his death, the little church of North Marston became a place of pilgrimage. A number of wayside Inns held the name The Boot as pilgrims made their way to and from North Marston on their way to Canterbury. Archae o logist Wayne Perkins delve s deep into the psychogeography of the

I've Got a Dybbuk Box and I'm Gonna Use it!

  A cursory search on eBay will turn up any number of Dybbuk Boxes, allegedly cursed items that it is unwise to open lest you release the entity within. Are these real? Where do they come from? And what is a Dybbuk anyway? A tortured tale of demons, holocaust survivors, TV stars, unlucky rappers and online bargains.   Fortean Times news editor Ian Simmons explores the bizarre origin and legends behind these strangely popular haunted items. Venue: The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street E1 7EX (Tubes: Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Aldgate East) Date: 31st January 2023 Time: 7.30 for 8pm Tickets: £5/£3,