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The Real Vampires

This event is cancelled and we shall be running it again, live, at a later date in 2021. Please keep a look out for forthcoming online events. We'll get there friends... we'll get there.  Tuesday 13 October 2020 8pm (doors 7.45pm) £5 / £2 concessions  The Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London Bridge, London SE1 3SS Tube & Rail: London Bridge Tube: Borough Event Facebook page The real vampires were not suave, polished, cultivated or rich. They looked like ordinary dead peasants. Yet for those who believed in them, they were terrifying. So terrifying that they prompted live burials, nervous breakdown, hysterical paralysis and speechlessness. During a real vampire panic, an overworked, underfed community was so terrified that it found the energy to dig up eleven graves, and the wood to burn eleven corpses. Richard Sugg discusses real vampires were so terrifying that the energy of fear they produced actually caused poltergeist attacks. In several cases, they were so terri