Thursday, 23 June 2022

Conspiracy beliefs – what causes their passionate appeal?


Tuesday 26 July 2022, 7.30 for 8pm. £5/£3Advance Booking

  There are many reasons why people entertain conspiracy beliefs and an increasing body of research exploring the underlying factors: social influences, common fears, social disconnection and dissatisfaction, generalised mistrust of government and individual traits. In the age of Covid it is especially relevant to understand vaccine hesitancy and vaccine denialism – people have died, friendships have broken down; clearly this is a topic where a great deal of passion is expressed. Psychologist Dr Anna Stone of the University of East London recalls watching the first moon landing on TV, so it came as a shock to her to read that a large proportion of the population of the US believes the moon landings were faked – but then again...

 The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EX

Tickets  £5/£3 --Advance Booking