Thursday, 18 August 2011

39a Marchmont Street: 6 August 2011

The London Fortean Society were a brave and happy few standing outside 39a Marchmont Street, a home of Charles Fort's when staying in London, to celebrate the birthday of Charles Fort, the inspiration for the fortean approach to life.

Photo by David V Barrett
 There was a reading from the opening paragraphs of  'The Book of the Damned', Fort's first 'fortean' book and then a fall of Fort Fish.

The Society then marked the New Yorker's name across his adopted city by visiting 4 pubs, the Friend at Hand, the Old Crown, the Royal George and the Tottenham.

Despite passing Fort's old reading ground of the British Museum, and a trip into occult bookshop Atlantis Books and quite a lot to drink, nothing fortean took place during our outing.

Many thanks to those who came along with LFS founders Scott and David: Rachel Carthy, Lindsey Clarke and John Fraser. The London Fortean Society hope to make this an annual event - all forteans and friends are welcome!
Rain of the Fort Fish photo by David V Barrett.
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