Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Wallaby Ripper of Hanwell

A wallaby yesterday

On 21 October a report came in of a wallaby was found decapitated at Brent Lodge Animal Park in Hanwell, west London. "I’m completely sickened by this attack on a defenceless animal and I know the whole community will be equally shocked" said local counciller councillor Bassam Mahfouz.

Then two more wallabies were 'murdered', a Ealing Gazette's tag, on 15 November. Tragically they were two of three wallabies brought in to keep the widowed wallaby Rolph company after October's attack.

"One animal was found with its throat cut while all that remained of the other were limbs scattered across the park, it is believed" writes the Daily Mail today, no doubt shaking it's head at modern society and wondering what Liz Jones will have to say about all this. Is one of her exes a wallaby slasher? On the October attack the mail reported "A member of staff at the centre said at the time that Bruce's head hadn't been found, but was too upset to say if it could have been taken as a sick trophy."
Wallabies can be a bit of a target. The Centre for Zoology investigated a wallaby murder in Loftus in 2002 and the Centre for Fortean Zoology makes mention of a Wallaby Slasher of Newquay being an early UnConvention topic (though not one I can remember).

Are there people out there attacking wallabies? And if so why can't they pick on someome their own size? Kangaroos are available.

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