Thursday, 2 February 2012

Are We All Doomed? 2012 and other Prophecies

Ninja Jesus!
Are We All Doomed? 2012 and other Prophecies

23 February 2012

Upstairs at The Bell pub, 50 Middlesex Street,
London E1 7EX

Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Aldgate East stations

7.30 start. £3/£2 concessions
LFS co-founder and author on alternative religions Dr David V Barrett looks at recurring prophecies of Jesus’ return and how prophets cover their embarrassment when he doesn’t – again.

Three years editing The Unexplained in the 1980s turned Peter Brookesmith from puzzled agnostic to puzzled skeptic, where paranormal claims are concerned. His essential interest today is in why people believe in weird things, rather than in simplistic debunking; he became interested in apocalyptic beliefs on observing millenary themes in ufology.

The failure of 2000/2001 to satisfy those yearnings has created a fresh focus on 2012 and the ‘end’ of the Maya calendar (and maybe the whole world!). In this talk he surveys the 2012 apocalypse industry and analyses its appeal.

The most charming of the skeptics”—ufologist Greg Sandow

Gun-toting lecher”—Private Eye

Ferociously drunk... downright dishonest”—Nick Pope
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