Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fortean Art in London: Spring 2013

Art that interprets fortean phenomena is something we’ve always been fascinated in. Perhaps because it may be the nearest us humble forteans get to actually experiencing something paranormal. Artists often engage with the unseen and inexplicable in alluring and thought-provoking ways so we’re very pleased to see a number of art exhibitions in London that cover a variety of fortean themes. We’ve not had a chance to see any of these yet so below are the blurbs for each and most cost nothing but time and travel.

Susan Hillier’s Channels at Matt’s Gallery in Mile End (Wed-Sun until 14 April) is a “a vast audio-sculptural installation in which disembodied voices report on 'near-death' experiences."
"Hiller uses audio accounts in many languages from people who believe they have experienced death as the raw materials for her new work. Vivid stories of those who believe they have died and returned to tell the tale constitute a remarkable contemporary archive, whether the accounts are regarded as metaphors, misperceptions, myths, delusions or truth.”
Modern Witchcraft
Modern Witchcraft at the AST Gallery in North Lambeth (not far from Waterloo statio) is curated by
Juan Bolivar and contains "objects of superstition and antiquity from the Cuming Museum and Southwark Art Collection" which, lucky talismans that they are, kept them safe from the recent fire at the Cuming Museum and Southwark Library (another post on that soon hopefully). Monday to Saturday 1.30-5pm until 18 May.

Way further south is Beastly Hall, free with entry to Bexley Hall and Gardens (adults £7, under 16 £5) which includes the fantastic Peter Blake, Polly Morgan and Tessa Farmer.
Meet a carnival of unlikely monsters and unnatural beings in the new exhibition, Beastly Hall.  Featuring work by 28 internationally acclaimed artists including Damien Hirst, Peter Blake, Jake and Dino Chapman, Tessa Farmer, Laura Ford and Polly Morgan, the exhibition is a visual feast.
A typical evening with Ghost
Beastly Hall is on until 1 September.
Out in the west end and speaking of Polly Morgan-style taxidermy tableaux’s is Natalie Meyjes strange and small set-pieces on the theme of The Fairytale at Long & Ryle. They look fascinating. On until 26 April.

While we're on art and the paranormal, be sure to check out GHost and it's regular events it's art events exploring "the various roles ghosts play in contemporary culture by bringing artists, writers, curators, researchers and others together." It's run by LFS friend and speaker Sarah Sparkes.

Is you know of anything of fortean-arty interest, please let us know in the comments! Thanks.

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