Thursday, 8 October 2015

Halloween Gathering: Encountering Ghosts

7.45pm Thursday 29 October 2015
£4 / £2 concessions
Advanced tickets This event has now sold out sorry! 
The Bell, 50 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EX.
Train & Tube: Liverpool Street. Tube: Aldgate, Aldgate East
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Halloween is scratching at our door once more, whispering that it is time for our annual look into the intangible world of ghosts*. 

This year we wanted to hear from people who have encountered ghosts, ask them what happened and what the encounter meant to them. 

Paul Turp
Chris French
Al Robertson is a writer and musician. He is the author of Crashing Heaven and many spooky short stories. 

Professor Christopher French is a Professor of Psychology and Co-ordinator, Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit. His research areas include the psychology of paranormal belief and ostensibly paranormal experiences.

The Rev Paul Turp is the vicar of St Leonard's church, Shoreditch. He has been vicar of Shoreditch for 32 years. He has a doctorate in The Theology of Metaphysics and has regularly helps people who have had disturbing experiences.

Al Robertson
In the discussion following these short talks the audience will be invited to share their ghostly encounters while we all wonder what we really talk about when we talk about ghosts. 

*We do ghosts a lot, actually, but we do make sure we always do ghosts at the event nearest to Halloween.

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